Pop up: Upcycling Design

Do you love design and want to consume it in a more sustainable way? Are you looking to expand your network in the vibrant design community of Copenhagen?

Join the Upcycling Event at the Adorno design and art gallery to discover some of the best upcycling designers in Copenhagen and meet others interested in sustainable consumption. Everyone is welcome!

POP UP MARKET: It is an exclusive opportunity to meet designers and buy unique pieces exhibited.

MUSIC: At 2PM we have the pleasure to introduce a performance by the talented Alexander Woods.

BAR: The bar will be open all day for you to enjoy!

Upcycling provides objects a second life, to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. It reduces the amount of waste – less oil wells drilled, less mountains mined, less trees felled. All around, less expended energy!



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