Our co_temporary Designer Store explores new design talent working with sustainability in various stages and forms. Be it materials, production or usability. We believe sustainability can and must go hand in hand with both beautiful and affordable design.

We want to showcase designers working with sustainability as brand DNA as well as designers just beginning to transform their production realizing the importance of environmental and social conscience design.

The store is run on an experimental concept driven by the designers themselves in collaboration with the co_temporary family. You will be able to meet the designers in store throughout the summer and learn more about their process and vision of a greener future.

We invite you to join our explorations in this temporary space challenging standard notions of what it means to create across disciplines.

Initiated and curated by: Spotly
Opening hours: Sat-Sun 11-16

Sofie Sol Studio

Sofie Sol Studio emerged out of nowhere when discovered on Instagram by iconic Danish Fashion brand Nørregaard på Strøget. Since then her brand has been growing rapidly with her highly recognizable oversize shirts and dresses.

Her vibe is playful with a cut and size to fit all. All materials are end of line textiles and only produced on demand. Her pieces are all hand made by her and a small team in downtown Copenhagen.

Anna Thoma

Anna Thoma is a completely new brand by Anna Louise Kragelund. Anna Thoma upcycles mirrors by giving them a cool makeover made to last, while still in the early stages of exploring the possible social and environmental aspects of the hand made productions. With a background in light design it is only natural for Anna to explore the aesthetics of reflection

The mirrors are a quirky yet a beautiful statement piece in your home, adding that extra shine to your everyday mirror selfie.

Mette Grønnegaard

Grønnegaard creates unique or limited edition works exploring the aesthetic of light and serenity through laser cutting, painting and sculpting techniques in plexiglass.

She is currently in the process of exploring the potential of up-cycling plexiglass waste from local manufactures. Could you collaborate with the industry to exploit leftovers?  Could you manipulate the material so that even the smallest piece of already produced plexiglass plays a part in the design of new artworks? These are questions Mette wishes to answer. Follow her journey here in the store as she will update her spot with material samples and other documentation of her research through the summer.

House of Dhurries

Sustainability is part of House of Dhurries DNA. This curated collection are made of excess materials from the fashion industry. The carpets are handmade, emission free, and are providing an income to rural areas. Furthermore, all carpets and cushions are hand made by local artisans. Our weavers produce carpets in their private homes, mainly in rural areas. Home production saves the weavers time and money on the commute. Home production facilitates that women, who are often housebound in Muslim countries, can earn living whilst abiding by the cultural norms.

The carpets are fun yet stylish always with something interesting to look at both in the clever use of materials or the different patterns.

Vintage by Foss

Vintage by Foss is on a mission to break with fashions rapid production incentives. By restoring old or used frames and giving them new life with state of the art lenses, he shows us how you can have beautiful fun looks without throwing away a pair every season. Glasses from earlier days were simply build to last longer.

The style spans from a variety of looks from fun to classic. Foss works with everything from high end brands to unknown retailers but ensures every part of the glasses are both beautiful and durable.

Le Amonie

Le Amonie uses leftover or re-cycled organic material from the furniture business to make new incredibly cool caps. The fabrics is without say highly durable be it velvet, wool or even cleansed old USSR parachutes. This gives the pieces an exclusive texture and feel while made to last.

The caps are all limited edition pieces inspired by the Danish design tradition of simplicity and quality. They’re in other words designed for men – but for the girlfriends to steal.